“Christian Cagigal, with The Collection, has presented the magic show I dreamed about as a youngster. It is a fantasy come true.”


“Even if you don’t believe in magic, watching The Collection you can’t help but believe, if only for a moment -- or at least to want to.”

S.F. Weekly


“To call these forays 'magic shows' doesn’t quite describe the charged blend of myth and mind-!@#$ that Cagigal brings to his art...he managed to open a gaping portal in the imaginations and willingly suspended disbelief of his oddience the unsettling effects of which lasted long beyond the night of the show. And if that’s not magic, I don’t know what it is.” 

San Francisco Bay Guardian                                                                                   



“Christian Cagigal doesn't try to wow his audiences with sleight-of-hand tomfoolery or glittery Vegas-style pyrotechnics. His is a brand of magic full of complex theatrical gambits and heavily dependent on narrative and audience interaction.”

SF Chronicle 


“Cagigal’s shows are a far cry from office party performers and Vegas style showmanship.”

Turnstyle News


“One of the best magicians working today.”


“In a most daring approach to publicity, EXIT Theatre and Cagigal are not releasing any details about The Collection.”

Stark Insider




As in its underground hit run last spring, theatrical magician Christian Cagigal has sworn his audiences, publicist and everyone else to secrecy about just what happens during his now widely traveled blend of magic, myth and messing with your mind.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“San Francisco theatrical magician, Christian Cagigal will be putting on a theatrical magic show that he can’t talk about! How weird is that?”



“The audience at every performance is sworn to secrecy in order to maintain the surprise and mystery of the show.”



“If you want to get in on the secret, catch the magic before it ends on Friday April 13.”

SF Station


Theatrical magician Christian Cagigal returned Oct 19th to Halloween 2012 for another marathon of thirteen straight nights of shows with The Collection, a brand-new mesmerizing mixture of magic, dark stories and theatre. 


In a most daring approach to publicity, EXIT Theatre and Cagigal did not release any details about the show. And, the press and audiences are sworn to secrecy! No one gave away a single thing that happened in order to maintain the surprise and mystery of the show.

The Collection originally ran for 13 nights from April Fool’s Day to Friday the 13th, 2012.

The Collection was funded by a very successful campaign through Kickstater. See Below.

“A subtle (by which we mean crafty, ingenious, and sly) local treasure." 

-SF Weekly

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