Poster Art by H.P. Mendoza

Photo by H.P. Mendoza

A teeny-tiny magic show, performed LIVE on a big screen!

Join magician Christian Cagigal, as he weaves fairy tales, dark fables and strange happenings into an intimate and engaging evening fraught with wonder, mystery and imagination. Cagigal has been regaling diverse audiences with his unique hybrid of theatre and "slightly creepy" magic for years in Downtown San Francisco’s - EXIT Theatre.

With Obscura, Cagigal returns to his roots as an up-close and personal entertainer, peppering some of his favorite short stories with witty and eccentric demonstrations of close-up card magic and more.

“[A] deeply theatrical narrative that’s startling in it’s originality.”

-Chloe Veltman   




“By turns funny, sinister, or made of small heartbreaks.”


“The magic is physically impressive, and it’s executed flawlessly...”


“A captivating suspended animation of eerie alchemy and delightful drama.” 

- Chicago Stage Review


“Charismatic and engaging...he has us in the palm of his hand.”

- The Black and Gold Review


“Undeniably irresistible...a one of kind experience.”

- San Francisco Examiner

“Devil’s in the Details-Literally”

- SF Weekly

“Mischievous ... consummate skill...”

- San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Forget bars...magic is my new Saturday night.”

- San Francisco’s The Bold Italic

“It’s well worth checking out the work of this most theatrical yet understated of magicians”

- Theatre Critic Chloe Veltman

"Hatching good natured plots to steal your soul."

- San Francisco’s 7x7

"Strange Magic"

  1. -San Francisco Examiner

“It was beyond puzzling.”

- Jon Carroll, Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

“The correct answer to ‘Do You Believe in Magic?’ is a resounding yes.”

  1. - San Mateo Daily Journal


“A mischievous tour guide through the land of the unknowable.”

- San Jose Mercury News

Photo taken at a special performance of Obscura at The Contemporary Jewish Museum as part of the Houdini Exhibit: A Celebration of Art & Magic.