Poster Art by H.P. Mendoza

Photos by Julie Michelle


"Style, dignity, and true artistry. Now, and at the Hour is a unique and genuine theatrical experience that should not be missed."


“Think Ricky Jay meets Spalding Gray — and think, why isn't there more of this kind of thing?”

-Flavorpill, Chicago


"Magicians lean so much upon misdirecting your attention that it's disarming to find one who invites you into his emotional life. The result is often quite powerful."

-Pioneer Press

"[A] poetic rumination on his life and father in the form of a magic show..."

-Minnesota Playlist

“You will be amazed.”

-How Was The Show


"Now and at the Hour bravely entrusts its success into the open-mindedness of its audience and the storytelling talent of its performer, and the results are admirable, breathtaking, and fittingly magic."


"This interactive one-hour show resembles nothing I have seen in this town in recent memory. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”

-Bloody Underrated

"Vulnerable storyteller, scared little kid, funny sad-eyed everyman time traveler. And that's what makes this show great..."



"A powerful, and at times, even a meditative experience."

-San Francisco Examiner

"Far above the sort of parlor tricks that can sometimes pass for theatrical magic."

"His most successful attempt yet at blending consistently dumbfounding displays of prestidigitation and a dramatic narrative with a power of its own."

-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"His antics bespeak a certain creepiness albeit the kind that sends alternating shivers of delight and anxiety through the crowd."


"The appearance of occult powers was strong enough to leave me feeling unsettled and slightly violated for the rest of the evening."

  1. -SF Weekly

What does a boy do when he grows up with a father who is forever mentally altered from his time in War? He retreats into a world of magic.

Now and at the Hour is the

semi-autobiographical magical tale

of what it was like for Cagigal to be raised by his father, a Vietnam vet, afflicted with PTSD and Schizophrenia, and how that both inspired and pushed Cagigal into realms of magic, mystery and the unknown.

Now and at the Hour weaves memory, mind reading, storytelling and theatre into an intimate, highly interactive and altogether unnerving magical experience.

Cagigal is among the new crop of magicians, mentalists and theatre artists that dare to go beyond the usual bag of tricks and invite audiences on stage to become a part of the story and a part of the show, making Now and at the Hour, for all who come to see it, a truly personal experience.

Now and at the Hour was recently named as a finalist for Best Solo Production in the 1st annual Theatre Bay Area Awards.

“Dramatically powerful and emotionally devastating.”


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